2019-2020 Student Supply Lists


    English Standard Version (ESV) Bibles will be provided to all newly enrolled 2019-2020 First through Eighth grade students. New Bibles are available for purchase in the school office for $10. Do not feel obligated to purchase a new bible if the one you have is still in good condition. First grade students will receive their Bible from the congregation early in the school year.

    Grade 3-8 students will receive an Agenda on the first day of school. 3-8 Grade will also need Spanish supplies, which have been added to the class lists. If you have one, please keep your Spanish notebook from last year.

    Wish Lists

    Most teachers have a wish list in addition to the school supply list. Teachers greatly appreciate the extra support when parents purchase items from the wish list, but they do not want you to feel obligated to purchase their wish list items. You can find your teacher's wish list posted on their web pages.

    Polo Shirts and Spirit Wear

    All 2019-2020 enrolled students will receive four crested polo shirts and one Spirit shirt at the beginning of the school year. Crested Polo shirts are required this year. Spirit shirts can be worn on Fridays. Additional Spirit Wear is available for purchase in the school office. Orders are placed at various times throughout the school year.

    P.E. Uniforms (Grades 5-8)

    Students in Grades 5-8 are required to have school PE uniforms. Uniforms must be worn for all PE classes and grades will be affected if students do not have their uniform. The uniform is a Trinity Spirit shirt and solid black, red or navy shorts meeting the finger-tip length requirement.