Elementary Welcome

  • Elementary School at Trinity includes Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Kindergarten through Fourth Grade is one of the most accelerated periods of your child’s intellectual and emotional development and we feel privileged to play a key role in it.

    Building on your child’s successful experiences in Preschool, Elementary School’s expert teachers further enhance your son or daughter’s abilities in Reading and Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Technology, and Physical Education.

    Life skills such as collaboration are also emphasized in K-4. While we want your child to be a success in the classroom, we also want him or her to be a success outside of it.

    Your child’s faith development is a priority here. We are a Lutheran school for everyone and strive to provide your child with the tools to grow in their personal walk with Christ. Prayer, Scripture, and discussion of faith are an essential part of our curriculum.

    Increasingly confident, independent, creative, academically grounded, empathetic, and aware of God’s love and forgiveness in his or her life, your child will depart Elementary ready to achieve in High School Prep and beyond.

    Again, we feel blessed to work with you and your family. If you have questions, please email me directly at mwoodward@trinitylcs.org.

    Melissa Woodward
    Head of Primary School